Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Best Ways to Utilize the Space in your Garage

We are often very prompt to clean and organize our homes to make it look as presentable and organized as possible, some of us more than others. When it comes to garages, however, things are not always as routine as the rest of the house. For a handful of reason, garage-cleaning usually ends up being a pitfall of procrastination. Many times when started it just results in a mess of odds and ends strung about and piled up in a mess ready to be “organized”. It can seem like a truly hopeless task at times.

Fortunately for you, we have some incredibly simple ways in which you can organize your garage, once and for all. No matter how small or disorganized your garage may look, following these simple tips can help you transform it into a great space to store everything and make it possible to find it when you need it. Plus, you should have no issue opening and closing your garage doors once complete.

Use the Ceiling as a Storage Space

Since the standard garage door is about seven feet tall, the standard garage ceiling is about eight feet high. This gives the garage door openers room to operate safely, it also gives homeowners extra storage space above. With the help of simple and cost-effective DIY projects, you can actually end up utilizing this often ignored space to store several of your seldom-used items.

One great example is a sliding storage system which hangs from the ceiling and can function as a great storage space for rarely-used or seasonal items. All you need to build one is a tracking system and a couple of plastic bins! Bikes, kayaks, and surfboards can all easily hang from your garage ceiling as well.

Storing Tools & Small Items in Smart Ways

When it comes to storing tools and small items, several "smart" ideas can go a long way. Do you have a number of small tools you need regularly but cannot store in an extra-large toolbox? Install a magnetic strip or hooks/pegboard to keep your tools nice and organized, plus easy to reach! Having trouble distinguishing between different kinds of tapes? Try making a tape dispenser that can be easily mounted on a wall and can store multiple tapes!

Check out our Pinterest for more creative DIY organizers and life hacks.

Divide the Garage into "zones"

Almost everyone use their garage for a variety of purposes. By dividing the garage into broad sections or "zones," you can help keep the space in your garage organized and be able to adjust the settings in your garage if and when they are needed. Not only will having zones help you keep and put things away faster, they will help you actually keep your car in your garage.

Use Shelves

When it comes to storing things in your garage, shelves are the best investment you can ever make. As a matter of fact, some of the most organized garage spaces actually have a large portion (if not all) of their walls covered with shelves! From compact gorilla racks to normal plastic ones, shelves can - and do - help you store all of your tools, gear and other knick-knacks in an organized way, yet let everything stay within your reach.

Keep Your Garage Clean at all Times

While this one may be a no-brainer, it is one that people seldom follow. You may have all your stuff organized to a ‘T,’ but if your garage isn’t clean, it is going to foster an atmosphere that helps in increasing clutter. So make sure to clean the cobwebs, sweep the floors and install good-quality lighting that will allow your garage to look clean and clutter-free.

We hope you have found this article to be both helpful and inspiring. With this information you should be able to conquer your garage space with confidence once and for all. While you are moving thing around, keep an eye and ear on your garage door and opener. If you suspect an issue, simply give the “original” Neighborhood Garage Door a call for garage door service. Also, keep in mind that teachers, Senior Citizens, Military, EMT and Police receive a discount.