Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tips on Buying a New Commercial Garage Door

Buying new garage doors for your business involves a lot more than choosing a particular style or color. There are several factors to consider when making this kind of purchase and here are some helpful tips on buying the right garage door for your business.

The environment

Businesses need to first identify the kind of environment in which the garage door will be used. For example, a business that involves a heavy amount of daily traffic and frequent use of a garage door should consider purchasing the commercial rolling variety of garage doors. These garage doors are durable and also provide a good deal of security. Two popular varieties of commercial rolling garage doors come in service doors or counter shutters.

Utilize space

If your business has only a limited amount of space, it’s wise to consider sectional garage doors. These doors do not demand a lot of room. These garage doors typically come with small windows and are also offered in the thermal variety. Contact your local garage door service provider at Neighborhood Garage Doors Charlotte NC for a full list of options.

Safety concerns

Businesses that have a legitimate concern for fire safety can purchase garage doors with an added level of protection. Commercial fire doors are very similar to commercial rolling doors. However, commercial fire doors are made with an auto release, which closes the doors when temperatures reach upwards of 170 °F. There are also safety features that allow the doors to shut upon the activation of the building’s fire alarm system.

Insulation factor

Businesses can look beyond the aesthetics of a garage door and consider the amount of insulation it offers. It is important to check the R-value when it comes to insulation within a garage door. This not only provides savings on monthly energy bills, but it also decreases the volume of noise. Also, keep in mind that the thickness of the door is not always indicative of garage doors with higher R-values.


When buying a commercial garage door, always remember to ask what kind of warranty is offered by that particular manufacturer. The right warranty could wind up saving your business a lot of money in the future should a problem arise. Some manufacturers offer better warranties than others, which is a major point of emphasis when purchasing commercial garage doors.

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