Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Understanding When It’s Time for Commercial Garage Door Replacement

All businesses must be very aware of all the purchases they make. The wrong investment could negatively impact the overall business and the same can be said for a lack of investment in certain areas. Therefore, business owners should consider replacing commercial garage doors when any of the following signs presents themselves.

Wear and Tear

Some minor wear and tear does not always call for replacement, but if certain areas of the garage doors are broken or cracked, then replacement is indeed a viable option. Broken glass in the windows, an accumulation of rust, or excessive splintering are also signs that it is time to invest in new commercial garage doors.

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Bad Wires and Cords

When the cords and wires on your commercial garage door break, loosen, or fray, it is a sign that the door does not have a whole lot of usage left. This can also make for a dangerous work environment as employees are more susceptible to injury. An accident could prove to be disastrous for a business, which is why faulty wires or cords should call for immediate replacement.


When your commercial garage door opens and closes, it should not shake or show any signs of being unstable. If these signs show themselves, it indicates that your commercial garage door is off balance. That is a significant danger to employees and customers who may be in that particular area of your business. Garage doors that show signs of hesitation are also unstable as it means that something is not right.

Peeling Paint

When paint starts to peel or crack on a commercial garage door, it is more than just an unpleasant sight. It is a sign that weather has taken its toll on the doors. That could compromise the integrity of the garage door and also affect its security. A fresh coat of paint will not negate the fact that the commercial garage doors have been weakened by weather conditions and sunlight over the course of time.

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