Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How to Buy New Residential or Commercial Garage Doors the Easy Way

Buying a new garage door for your home or business is not something that is done very often. If done right, it only has to be done once or twice in a lifetime. Here are some valuable pointers that will steer you through the process of buying new garage doors in Charlotte NC for your home or business.

Materials Matter

The cost of your garage door could be greatly influenced by the type of material you choose. Garage doors are made of wood, composite wood, steel and aluminum. Wood is best for curb appeal but is also the most expensive. Steel is the most durable and also has the most variety. However, when steel is dented, repair is not easy.

Garage Door Openers Are Sold Separately

The price of new garage doors does not include the cost of a garage door opener. When setting a budget for your new garage doors, remember that you will also have to purchase a garage door opener. Some newer model openers also have Wi-Fi capabilities while others offer enhanced security.

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The Insulation Decision

Modern advances have enabled many new types of garage doors to be made with insulation. Detached garages really do not need this feature, although purchasing an insulated garage door could significantly improve energy efficiency in garages that are attached to the home.

Maintenance Schedule

Garage doors require maintenance. However, there are some that require much less than others. Buying a new residential or commercial garage door made of steel or composite wood comes with much less maintenance as their durability requires very little upkeep.

Visualize Online

It’s not easy to look at a garage door sample and know how it will look on your home. That process has been enhanced with online tools that allow you to design your own garage door. Many garage door services also provide this feature which helps narrow down choices.

Choose a Spring

The springs on a garage door are available in both the extension and torsion varieties. Torsion springs are used in two-car garage doors and extension springs are typically used in one-car garages. However, torsion springs provide added safety and more balance when compared to extension springs.

Neighborhood Garage Door can help you decide on the best garage door for your home or business. Our experienced staff will walk you through the process and present you with a multitude of great options. For the very best garage door installation in Charlotte, NC, contact the team of professionals at Neighborhood Garage Door.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Tips on Buying a New Commercial Garage Door

Buying new garage doors for your business involves a lot more than choosing a particular style or color. There are several factors to consider when making this kind of purchase and here are some helpful tips on buying the right garage door for your business.

The environment

Businesses need to first identify the kind of environment in which the garage door will be used. For example, a business that involves a heavy amount of daily traffic and frequent use of a garage door should consider purchasing the commercial rolling variety of garage doors. These garage doors are durable and also provide a good deal of security. Two popular varieties of commercial rolling garage doors come in service doors or counter shutters.

Utilize space

If your business has only a limited amount of space, it’s wise to consider sectional garage doors. These doors do not demand a lot of room. These garage doors typically come with small windows and are also offered in the thermal variety. Contact your local garage door service provider at Neighborhood Garage Doors Charlotte NC for a full list of options.

Safety concerns

Businesses that have a legitimate concern for fire safety can purchase garage doors with an added level of protection. Commercial fire doors are very similar to commercial rolling doors. However, commercial fire doors are made with an auto release, which closes the doors when temperatures reach upwards of 170 °F. There are also safety features that allow the doors to shut upon the activation of the building’s fire alarm system.

Insulation factor

Businesses can look beyond the aesthetics of a garage door and consider the amount of insulation it offers. It is important to check the R-value when it comes to insulation within a garage door. This not only provides savings on monthly energy bills, but it also decreases the volume of noise. Also, keep in mind that the thickness of the door is not always indicative of garage doors with higher R-values.


When buying a commercial garage door, always remember to ask what kind of warranty is offered by that particular manufacturer. The right warranty could wind up saving your business a lot of money in the future should a problem arise. Some manufacturers offer better warranties than others, which is a major point of emphasis when purchasing commercial garage doors.

Neighborhood Garage Door supplies businesses with all kinds of commercial garage doors in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. NGD not only supplies garage doors as their team specializes in garage door installation, repair, and service.  Affordable pricing, excellent workmanship and friendly customer service are all staples at Neighborhood Garage Door.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Understanding When It’s Time for Commercial Garage Door Replacement

All businesses must be very aware of all the purchases they make. The wrong investment could negatively impact the overall business and the same can be said for a lack of investment in certain areas. Therefore, business owners should consider replacing commercial garage doors when any of the following signs presents themselves.

Wear and Tear

Some minor wear and tear does not always call for replacement, but if certain areas of the garage doors are broken or cracked, then replacement is indeed a viable option. Broken glass in the windows, an accumulation of rust, or excessive splintering are also signs that it is time to invest in new commercial garage doors.

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Bad Wires and Cords

When the cords and wires on your commercial garage door break, loosen, or fray, it is a sign that the door does not have a whole lot of usage left. This can also make for a dangerous work environment as employees are more susceptible to injury. An accident could prove to be disastrous for a business, which is why faulty wires or cords should call for immediate replacement.


When your commercial garage door opens and closes, it should not shake or show any signs of being unstable. If these signs show themselves, it indicates that your commercial garage door is off balance. That is a significant danger to employees and customers who may be in that particular area of your business. Garage doors that show signs of hesitation are also unstable as it means that something is not right.

Peeling Paint

When paint starts to peel or crack on a commercial garage door, it is more than just an unpleasant sight. It is a sign that weather has taken its toll on the doors. That could compromise the integrity of the garage door and also affect its security. A fresh coat of paint will not negate the fact that the commercial garage doors have been weakened by weather conditions and sunlight over the course of time.

Neighborhood Garage Door caters to all kinds of businesses as our staff of trained technicians provides expert commercial garage door replacement in Charlotte, NC. Our technicians will also advise business owners when repair is an option and when Charlotte commercial garage door replacement is necessary. Neighborhood Garage Door also prides itself on competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Springs are a Common Cause for Residential Garage Door Repair

A residential garage door relies on springs to open and close. Constant use will eventually cause a problem with the springs, which is not at all uncommon. Here’s a deeper look into how springs affect garage doors and what can be done about this issue.

Broken Springs

A broken spring is not difficult to identify. When one spring breaks, it is a good idea to replace the other spring because both are likely to have similar wear and tear. Repairing a broken spring can be very involved and even dangerous, so it is best to contact a professional instead of tinkering with it yourself.

Wrong Size Spring

Springs do not have to be broken to cause problems with your garage door. Like with most mechanisms, wrong sized garage door parts can create issues. A wrong size spring is evidenced by the garage door not lowering all the way to the ground. Another sign of a wrong size spring is a garage door that slams against the ground when it closes. Do-it-yourself installations may experience this problem and some less reputable companies make this mistake as well.

newly installed 2 car residential garage doors with remote controlled arage door openersExtension Springs

Many garage doors are equipped with extension springs as these are more popular in homes. They are located just above the upper level horizontal tracks. It is also important to have safety cables with extension springs, which provide protection should a spring break. Extension springs function by actually extending to open and close the garage door.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs rely the use of torque to lower and raise a garage door. These are located above the opening of the garage and are available in many variations. One way to tell if a torsion spring is wearing out is by the color. Signs of a rust color signifies a fair amount of wear and tear while darker torsion springs are typically newer. However, there is no warning sign that will indicate a torsion spring will soon fail.

Choosing a Spring

Extension springs are typically cheaper in price, although torsion springs can support more weight. Torsion springs also have a life span that usually doubles that of extension springs and are also deemed the safer of the two. Nevertheless, most residential construction tends to use extension springs.

Are you living in the Charlotte metro area and need new garage door parts or springs? Visit Neighborhood Garage Door’s website for special savings then give them a call.

Neighborhood Garage Door is ready to provide Charlotte garage door repair service to homeowners no matter what kind of problem presents itself. Our technicians are well versed in the finer points of garage door installation as we continue to provide the best residential garage door repair Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

How Garage Door Maintenance Can Benefit Your Home or Business

Most homeowners make it a point to conduct regular maintenance on their homes and business owners have been known to do the same at their place of work. Garage doors should be included in this maintenance as it is a way to maintain curb appeal and extend the life of your garage doors. Here’s a look at how you can provide your very own maintenance once or twice a year for your garage doors in Charlotte.Or, simply hire a professional to perform these duties and ensure it is done right.

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Without proper lubrication, a garage door will not open and close smoothly. It is important to make sure each moving part of a garage door is properly lubricated. That means making sure the bearings, springs, hinges, chains and rollers have adequate lubrication. A touch of motor oil can be used on the rollers and will make its way into the bearings. A lighter oil can be used to lubricate the remaining components.

Smooth the Tracks

The first step in maintaining the tracks on your garage door is to do a visual inspection and make sure they are aligned correctly. The tracks should always be parallel to one another. If they are not, loosen the connecting bolts and then line them up correctly before refastening the bolts. The next step is to remove any debris on the rollers with the use of a vacuum.

Maintain Balance

A garage door that is not balanced properly will look uneven and often close by itself when lifted up a few feet off the ground. Unusual noises are another sign that there is unbalance. To check for unbalance, turn off the automatic opener and lift the garage a few feet off the ground. If it stays where it is, then the balance is aligned. If the door falls to the ground, the balance is off. You can find maintenance specials on

Check the Weatherstripping

Mother Nature can take her toll on the seal located at the foot of your garage door. Take the time to check the entire length of the seal and if any portion is damaged, then it’s time for repair. That repair is as simple as buying some weatherstripping and cutting the appropriate sized pieces to fit into the damaged areas.

Exterior Check

Weather can impact garage doors and that can lead to warping in wooden doors and rust in metal doors. Washing your garage doors regularly can help prevent these issues. And don’t hesitate to sand out some wear and tear and then apply a fresh coat of paint when needed.

Neighborhood Garage Door is your one and only stop for the best residential and commercial garage door repair Charlotte NC. Our experienced technicians will take the time to repair or replace your garage door while offering affordable prices and reliable service.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Reasons to Consider Curb Appeal Before Commercial Garage Door Installation Begins

Curb appeal is talked about a great deal when it comes to installing a residential garage door as it can increase the value of a home. However, curb appeal can also be a benefit to businesses. There is no reason that a business should not cater to aesthetics as well as functionality when installing a new garage door.

Curb appeal does not have to be limited to residential neighborhoods any longer. Think about how many times a business has caught your eye because of its exterior. Now, think about all the businesses you have failed to notice because they offered nothing pleasing to the eye.

Think about how many restaurants have doors that open up during the summer months. Also, keep in mind many clothing stores have items on display in their storefronts, even when they are not open for business. Those are examples of businesses making use of curb appeal. There is no reason garage doors cannot duplicate that trend.

There are a variety of commercial garage doors that are very appealing to the eye. There is the option of using different colors or windows to break up the monotony of an otherwise drab-looking garage door. Some commercial garage doors can even be dominated by glass. These varieties are known as full-view garage doors. It allows for a high level of visibility and lets in a lot of light, which improves the overall aesthetics.

Furthermore, windows do not always have to be made of glass as they could also be made plexiglass or customized with tint. Purchasing a commercial garage door made of aluminum also means virtually no maintenance at all for business owners.

When it comes time to choose a commercial garage door, it is important to know that there are a wealth of possibilities as designs have evolved to include more than just industrial strength doors that provide functionality and security.

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This is extremely important for expanding brand awareness and increasing foot traffic. In the world of advertising, most customers need to see an ad a minimum of six times before making a purchase. Your curb appeal could entice potential customers to notice your business, thus increasing the amount of advertising and brand awareness.

Charlotte commercial garage door installation is available in many different varieties at Neighborhood Garage Door. Our team of technicians can help you choose the right garage door for your Charlotte business. When it’s time to go shopping for new commercial garage doors in Charlotte, go with the pros at Neighborhood Garage Door.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How to Know When It’s Time for Residential Garage Door Replacement

Over the course of time, garage doors are going to eventually break down. In homes where garage doors are used as the main entryway, that could happen sooner rather than later. There will inevitably come a time for garage door repair and when repair is not an option anymore, it’s time for replacement. Here are some tell-tale signs that let you know when garage door replacement maybe necessary in your home.

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High Energy Bills

When a garage is used as a work area or connected to a living space, it is important to have a garage door that is insulated. If you notice your heating and cooling bills have been on the rise, it may be due to a lack of insulation in your garage door.

Time to Sell

When selling a home, curb appeal is very important. Replacing a garage door could help expedite the selling process as people first shop with their eyes. A new garage door could go a long way when it comes to selling a home.

Recurring Noises

When the opening and closing of your garage door comes with unusual noises, it is a sign that something is off. The cost of service calls and replacement parts can start to add up, making it more sensible to replace the garage door altogether.

Children in the Home

Having small children in the home heightens the emphasis on safety. If your garage door is an older model, it makes sense to replace it with a newer one that has added safety features. These enhanced safety features significantly reduce the risk of injury when a garage door is opening or closing.

Slow Opening

You should not have to wait awhile for your garage door to open and close. A push of the button should immediately send it upward or downward. If you find yourself waiting excessively, then it’s time for replacement.

Converting a Garage

If you decide to convert your garage into a living space, replacing the garage doors should be high on your to-do list. There are garage doors available with a good amount of insulation to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Functionality is important but, it does not have to be the only reason for a residential garage door replacement. The aesthetics of your home should be kept in mind when selecting your new garage door. Neighborhood Garage Door is ready to provide homeowners with residential garage door replacement in Charlotte, NC. Our trained and experienced technicians are always ready to walk homeowners through the Charlotte garage door replacement process. It’s time to make Neighborhood Garage Door your one and only stop for all types of garage door service in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Conveniences of a Commercial Garage Door Repair Service

Commercial garage doors, or overhead garage doors, are often used very frequently over the course of a day by all types of businesses. Sooner or later, problems will inevitably arise and that is when it pays to already have a commercial garage door repair service to call at any given time.

Time Management

Commercial garage door repair is very technical, so it is important to trust in a repair company that speaks that language fluently. If something breaks down and needs to be fixed right away, a simple explanation of what is wrong could be given over the phone. That eliminates time that would have otherwise been spent looking for the source of the problem and makes it that much quicker of a fix.

No Second-Guessing

Businesses have enough to worry about and do not need to take on the task of trying to troubleshoot problems with their garage doors. The option of having an in-house employee take the time to inspect the problem also takes away from their individual work time. It’s better to identify the problem instead of relying on guesswork from untrained technicians.

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Access to Parts

Not all repair parts for commercial garage doors are available at every hardware store, nor are the tools used in the repair process. There are some specialty parts and tools that are more difficult to obtain. A commercial repair service, like Neighborhood Garage Doors "The Original" Charlotte NC, has access to those parts and tools and can also get them much quicker than the average person.

Regular Maintenance

Having a commercial garage door service at your disposal can translate into regular maintenance in which a technician comes out to check the status of your garage doors every so often. This may actually identify problems that might have eventually affected business with a major breakdown in the future.

Proper Installation

When a garage door is installed right, it means there is less of a chance for problems to arise. That also means that companies will get the most for their investment in a new garage door as there will not be any need for repairs in the near future.

If you are looking for a company with years of experience in repairing all types of commercial garage doors, look no further than Neighborhood Garage Door services. Our Charlotte garage door repair and installation is done with extreme precision and care. The next time you are in need of commercial garage door installation Charlotte NC, contact the professionals at Neighborhood Garage Door.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Best Ways to Utilize the Space in your Garage

We are often very prompt to clean and organize our homes to make it look as presentable and organized as possible, some of us more than others. When it comes to garages, however, things are not always as routine as the rest of the house. For a handful of reason, garage-cleaning usually ends up being a pitfall of procrastination. Many times when started it just results in a mess of odds and ends strung about and piled up in a mess ready to be “organized”. It can seem like a truly hopeless task at times.

Fortunately for you, we have some incredibly simple ways in which you can organize your garage, once and for all. No matter how small or disorganized your garage may look, following these simple tips can help you transform it into a great space to store everything and make it possible to find it when you need it. Plus, you should have no issue opening and closing your garage doors once complete.

Use the Ceiling as a Storage Space

Since the standard garage door is about seven feet tall, the standard garage ceiling is about eight feet high. This gives the garage door openers room to operate safely, it also gives homeowners extra storage space above. With the help of simple and cost-effective DIY projects, you can actually end up utilizing this often ignored space to store several of your seldom-used items.

One great example is a sliding storage system which hangs from the ceiling and can function as a great storage space for rarely-used or seasonal items. All you need to build one is a tracking system and a couple of plastic bins! Bikes, kayaks, and surfboards can all easily hang from your garage ceiling as well.

Storing Tools & Small Items in Smart Ways

When it comes to storing tools and small items, several "smart" ideas can go a long way. Do you have a number of small tools you need regularly but cannot store in an extra-large toolbox? Install a magnetic strip or hooks/pegboard to keep your tools nice and organized, plus easy to reach! Having trouble distinguishing between different kinds of tapes? Try making a tape dispenser that can be easily mounted on a wall and can store multiple tapes!

Check out our Pinterest for more creative DIY organizers and life hacks.

Divide the Garage into "zones"

Almost everyone use their garage for a variety of purposes. By dividing the garage into broad sections or "zones," you can help keep the space in your garage organized and be able to adjust the settings in your garage if and when they are needed. Not only will having zones help you keep and put things away faster, they will help you actually keep your car in your garage.

Use Shelves

When it comes to storing things in your garage, shelves are the best investment you can ever make. As a matter of fact, some of the most organized garage spaces actually have a large portion (if not all) of their walls covered with shelves! From compact gorilla racks to normal plastic ones, shelves can - and do - help you store all of your tools, gear and other knick-knacks in an organized way, yet let everything stay within your reach.

Keep Your Garage Clean at all Times

While this one may be a no-brainer, it is one that people seldom follow. You may have all your stuff organized to a ‘T,’ but if your garage isn’t clean, it is going to foster an atmosphere that helps in increasing clutter. So make sure to clean the cobwebs, sweep the floors and install good-quality lighting that will allow your garage to look clean and clutter-free.

We hope you have found this article to be both helpful and inspiring. With this information you should be able to conquer your garage space with confidence once and for all. While you are moving thing around, keep an eye and ear on your garage door and opener. If you suspect an issue, simply give the “original” Neighborhood Garage Door a call for garage door service. Also, keep in mind that teachers, Senior Citizens, Military, EMT and Police receive a discount.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Few Reason Installing New Garage Doors Can Boost Curb Appeal

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Installing a residential garage door can increase curb appeal, although it is important for homeowners to maximize this kind of investment. Here are some of the best ways to get the most curb appeal when it comes time to install new garage doors.

Add Windows

Large garage doors can be a bit clunky on their own. However, the addition of windows will make a large garage door seem less expansive. It will provide some architectural design to your garage door and also allow a good deal of natural light inside the garage. Larger windows will also make smaller garages appear to be bigger than they actually are.

Color Scheme

You do not need to install a garage door whose color matches that of your front door. In fact, it is generally recommended to contrast those colors so that they complement one another. A color that is very pronounced will make the garage pop to those passing by and can even make smaller garages really stand out.

Carriage House Garage Doors

A carriage house garage door comes with unique features that enable it to be noticed without adding any extra features. That means you won’t have to boost your curb appeal by accessorizing the exterior of your home or installing lighting to accentuate the garage doors Charlotte.


Garage doors do not have to remain flat and drab. There is the option of installing a cheaper garage door and then adding hardware that can be rather decorative and appealing. This option provides more detail to your garage door. There are hardware kits that you can add on after having an ordinary-looking garage door installed for a fairly reasonable price.


Insulation may be a perk when it comes to energy efficiency, although it has no effect on curb appeal. If curb appeal is your main goal when installing a new residential garage door, you can forget about the extra cost that comes with added insulation. Instead, you can focus more on the aesthetics of your new garage door.

Luckily for Charlotte residents there is a company offering quality garage doors at some affordable prices. Neighborhood Garage Door has something for every homeowner as our team installs garage doors in Charlotte to fit every budget. Charlotte garage door installation has never been easier as we can walk you through the process from beginning to end. Also offering garage door repair in Charlotte, Neighborhood Garage Door can meet all your needs.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Importance of Garage Door Safety Awareness

Garage doors make life easier and more convenient for homeowners and businesses. However, there is a fair amount of safety awareness that should be attained when operating any kind of garage door. Since no one knows garage doors better than the original Neighborhood Garage Door Charlotte, their experts have provided the following tips for you to keep in mind to increase your garage door safety awareness.

Garage door openers are electric

Garage doors open and close thanks to the power of electricity. That should be remembered if there is ever an issue with a garage door opener that you feel compelled to try fix to yourself. Homeowners should be careful as the electricity within garage door openers can be dangerous if mishandled.

There is a great deal of tension

The composition of a garage door induces an extreme amount of tension because of the spring system that enables it to function properly. This kind of tension is not something that should be taken lightly. If there is a problem with the spring system, it is best to call on a professional. Making the wrong move when trying to fix the spring system could result in serious injury.

No access to children

Children may be tempted to play with an automatic garage door, although this is a serious safety hazard. Make sure any children are warned about meddling with garage door openers as it should always be off limits and only used by adults.

Keep away from moving garage doors

If a garage door is moving up or down, remain where you are and let it completely open or close. Some garage doors are not made with safety features that will sense motion, which means they will continue to close regardless of who is underneath of it. This could result in serious injuries.

Practice routine maintenance

Much like any other product that has many moving components, garage doors should undergo maintenance checks once or twice a year and visual inspections on a monthly basis. Checking for minor problems could prevent major issues from occurring. And if something is amiss, don’t put off garage door repair. Waiting could increase the chance of injuries.

Be mindful of your remote opener

If you keep your remote garage door opener in your car, always make sure to lock it and take it with you if you ever place your car in the hands of a parking lot attendant. Getting access to a garage door opener makes your home an easy target for a home invasion.

Neighborhood Garage Door can attend to all your residential garage door repair in Charlotte NC. Also providing Charlotte commercial garage door repair, Neighborhood Garage Door is a name businesses and homeowners can trust for top-notch service and affordable pricing.